Aluminium tower extensiontiltable degree type platform ladder
Designed for multi access facility in different positions.
self supporting extendable ladder
Specially designed to use in theates & factories ensures easy sliding by way of pulley & ropes. Size available from 14ft to 36ft.
HT NO. 105
Tower extendable ladder
Baby ladder
It is mounted on four polymer wheeler M.S trolley & also available with aluminium trolley. It is provided with broad steps sizes available from 5ft to 14ft.
HT NO. 108
Telescopic tower extendable ladder mounted on two big wheeler M.S trolley
Available Size from 10ft to 44ft.
HT NO. 112
Platform step ladder with tools tray
Available sizes from 6ft to 24ft.
HT NO.111
Fancy light weight ladder
Aluminium tower extension tiltable ladder
Wall support ladder : Available in two types1) Steps in skid proof flueted plates.2)Steps in skid proof round rungs.Sizes Available from 4ft. to 24ft.
Wall support extendable ladder
To ensure easy slidings by means of rope, stopers and pulley arrangements is provides sizes availablefrom 8ft. to 44ft.
HT NO. 102
Tower extendable ladder
Extendable ladder similar to H.T 106
Self supporting ladder with platform
Self support ladder with platform.

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